Spring Lawn Care Edmonton

Spring Lawn Care Edmonton

Are you seeking spring cleanup in Edmonton? Our experts at Green Sprout Lawn Care can help!  We offer spring lawn care Edmonton solutions that can help you maintain your lawn the way it should be.

Whether for spring clean or summer season, we are one of the trusted companies to call upon when it comes to lawn care and maintenance services. We have been offering lawn care solutions for 30+ years.   Everything we do is centered around our customers, with unmatched commitment towards delivering premium quality service at superior value – and thanks to our diverse team of professionals, quality has never been compromised. We have not just earned the trust of our customers, but we are also depended upon by others – which says a lot about the level to which we’ve established credibility amongst Edmontonians.


Spring Clean Up in Edmonton – What does that involve?

All spring lawn care is done in preparation for the summer. But, spring is a time to trouble shoot your lawns, flower beds and landscaping so that when summer finally arrives, grass will be thick with healthy green turf and flowers, shrubs and trees will look their best.  Lawn care and landscaping companies are always looking to promote their services in the spring.  The reason is simple; through the summer the main tasks are mow, trim, edge grass and maintain the beauty of your lawn and yard.  But, this process is actually started in the spring when the list of jobs to do is much longer.   Proper preparation in the spring will have an appreciable impact on your lawn quality from top to bottom, throughout the growing season.

That simple fact makes it important; so what steps should you take? To start, you need to make sure that the services of the company you hire are of high quality, reliable, knowledgable, and at affordable rates too!  We have a certified yard service crew with plenty of knowledge about how to identify the problems correctly so that it doesn’t turn into anything more aggravating than what needs immediate attention first!


The list of spring jobs in Alberta

In Alberta, our rotating seasons means that with the change of weather and onset of spring, you will suddenly have a long list of jobs to complete in your yard and around the outside of your house.

Most of our years, spring yard cleanup can begin in April but will extend until May when the likelihood of frost is over.  The crucial jobs are ones we can assist you with.  Begin your yard and lawn prep with the following:

      • Removing garbage and debris that was blown in over the winter
      • Raking out dead foliage from gardens, lawns and flower beds
      • Pruning and trimming trees, shrubs and perennials
      • Removing thatch and leaves from lawn

It is important to then follow up with the following:

  • Aerating your lawn
  • Fertilizing your lawn
  • Seeding bare areas in lawn
  • Adding compost, fertilizer and nutrients to garden and flower bed soils
  • Checking for pests and removing anything that encourages pest numbers or issues like mold and fungus
  • Trim trees that have evidence of fungus growth
  • Till, turn or loosen compact soils
  • Ensure that perennial plants are not covered by debris, mulch or dead foliage
  • Ensure that early blooming perennials are uncovered and are fertilized and watered based on weather conditions and melting snow.


Questions about Spring Yard Care:


When should I fertilize my Alberta lawn in spring?

Here in Alberta, it’s best to start fertilizing a month before grass really starts growing which is generally between April and May. Other considerations include what type of grass you have, the fertilizer you’re using, and whether you are applying (or need to apply) weed treatments.

Each species of grass can require different types of fertilizer and care for the spring.  Our experts will know the exact type of grass you have and what it requires.  But in general, the most common grass species found in Edmonton lawns are Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass.  Most seed found at your local stores will contain a blend of grass seeds that are ideal for the local climate.


What should I put on my lawn in early spring?

Fertilizer provides the soil with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Labels on store-bought fertilizer will tell you the percentage of each of those nutrients. Look for a ratio of about 4 (nitrogen) -1 (phosphorus) -2 (potassium).  We recommend slow-release fertilizer.

Use a spreader to accurately and evenly spread your fertilizer.  Hand spreading can cause burns to skin.  Most spreaders are adjustable and can be fine tuned to ensure that the type of fertilizer you have chosen is spread consistently.  Ask questions about whether liquid or pellet fertilizer is right for  you.  There are synthetic or natural organic fertilizers as well.  Depending on how  you feel about these topics, not every store will be able to provide the products you are looking for.

You can have your soil tested or purchase a soil test kit.  This will tell you the state of your soil and exactly what it requires for nutrients.  Looking on the internet can help however, it seems there is a myriad of answers as to which fertilizer to use.  This is where soil testing will assist you in your purchase.


When should I start spring lawn cleaning?

When temperatures have been warm enough so that the ice and frost are out of the surface of the lawn, the grass is beginning to turn green and the possibility of spring frosts and snow storms are mostly gone.  In Alberta, this typically means after the Victoria Day long weekend in May.

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