Fall Cleanup Edmonton

Are you in need of a fall lawn cleanup in Edmonton or the surrounding areas? Fall can create a lot  of mess and the left over leaves, falling apples, berries and dead flowers can cause plenty of work. During this season we provide clients with specialized treatment of their lawn and grass areas to ensure there is no mess left behind. We provide a number of lawn care services that will enable your grass to grow healthy and green the following spring. 


We provide all the tools and accessories to assist our customers with their clean up and specialize in acreages and commercial properties.


Why is it important to clean up during the fall season?

Having an overly messy lawn and yard can cause many problems. When yards are left unattended, they often end up with big piles of extra leaves, twigs and grass that look horrible. As well as the mess not being aesthetic; it decreases the ability for oxygen to reach the soil on your lawn preventing beneficial bacteria from growing and keeps your grass from thriving. It can also create ideal growing conditions for weeds, mould, fungus and other lawn diseases. Rotting vegetation in and around your yard and house can draw in unwanted pests and mice that can quickly become an infestation.  

How do you get rid of all the leaves and needles on your property?

Leaves, needles and rotting vegetation from trees, flower beds and gardens, can be a nuisance and a health hazard if they are not cleared away.  But, there are a few ways to get rid of them. 

One option, if dealing with a small amount, is a rake or leaf scoops.  Another is to use a leaf blower or mulcher.  But, both of these can still be a time-consuming process. You can also use a mulching mower or a standard lawn mower to chop the leaves and needles into small pieces and then they are placed into bags for garbage pick up. There are also lawn vacuums that will literally vacuum your lawn and pick up the debris.  The difficulty with all of these methods though, is that you are still left with the debris.  Some of it can be absorbed by your lawn and as it rots, it will turn to fertilizer for your soil.  However, most lawns are not able to absorb the amount of debris left over by fall. 

But maybe you have a small amount of trees and your area to clean is what you can manage.  What are your options?  For those with garbage pick up, using the paper leaf bags is a great way to dispose of lawn and yard vegetation debris.  They stand up on their own, can be closed up and then, easily rot in our landfills. There are also reusable debris bags and tarps all designed to make this job easier.  Then haul them to local land fill for disposal and keep them to use again next year.  Leaves, hedge clippings, dead flowers,  rotting garden vegetation and, fallen fruit can all be composted as well.  

However, if your yard is too much and too large for you to manage; then it is time to give us a call.  We take care of hauling all of this away for you.  When you walk out into your yard, freshly cleaned and taken care of, you will breathe a huge sigh of relief.  Go back into your house or sit on your patio and enjoy that steaming hot pumpkin spice latte.  As you sit and enjoy this peace and tranquility, contemplate how good it feels and then consider the upcoming season… we can make this feeling happen in the winter too!!  Check out our snow removal page for more info.

Lawn Fall clean up services


Maybe you are just tired of the muck and debris left behind by the fall season? Do you want someone to take care of it for you? Look no further than Green Sprout Lawn Care. By utilizing our services, you can get your yard cleaned up and ready in no time at all.

Most clients who have used these services recommend hiring a company that specializes in this type of work. They have enjoyed the benefits of hiring qualified professtionals. The right landscape and yard care company will ensure that the yard is cleaned properly and that any unwanted plants or debris are removed. Additionally, these companies usually have trucks and equipment that make the job quick and easy. The amount of leaves and debris that can be left over in the fall, can be very overwhelming.  

At Green Sprout, we utilize professional grade tools and equipment alongside a highly experienced expert that knows what your grass and yard requires in order to be visually appealing. You won’t regret our services and we are highly recommended by many clients in and around the Edmonton area.

Why use Green Sprout Lawn Care for your fall cleanup?

We are a family business with over 30 years of experience in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We know how to get the job done right, safely and within your budget. With our affordable rates and expert services, you can rest assured that your fall clean up is handled properly by professionals who will treat your property like it was their own home!

Contact Us today if you need any help removing leaves or needles from your lawn or any other lawn maintenance that you desire!  


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