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Spring Lawn Care Edmonton


Spring Lawn Care Edmonton


We offer spring lawn care Edmonton solutions that can help you maintain your lawn the way it should be.

Whether for spring clean or summer season, we are one of the trusted companies to call upon when it comes in regards to lawn care and maintenance services. We have been offering lawn care solutions for 10+ years and under a customer-centric mindset with unmatched commitment towards delivering premium quality service at superior value – and thanks to our diverse team of professionals, quality has never been compromised. We have not just earned the trust of our customers, but we are also depended upon by others – which says a lot about the level to which we’ve established credibility amongst Edmontonians.


Spring Clean Up in Edmonton


Are you seeking spring cleanup in Edmonton? Our experts at Greensprout Lawn Care can help!

All lawn care is done in preparation for the spring. This is a time to care and maintain lawns so when summer finally arrives, grass will be thick with healthy green turf. It is a fact that the lawn care professionals are busy at promoting their lawn care services during spring and summer. The reason is simple; There’s nothing better to do in the summer than mow, trim, and edge grass very nicely which can give you an appreciable impact on your lawn quality from top to bottom. Once spring starts coming into being you need also get ready for some serous work i mean it will not be as easy.


Additional Spring Lawn Care Services


Our experts at Greensprout Lawn Care can also help with additional spring lawn care services such as pre-spring aeration , seeding of bare area and post spring maintenance, winter hardiness tests, weed control and pest protection. We treat them all in a way that it benefits you; we will keep our recommendations for your use within the best of your interest and budget.

Just like cleaning your house we offer lawn care services at rates that may seem a little costlier but they are within margins where you actually get value for money.

Now that it is overgrown with grass, don’t simply let the yard stay in filthy condition any longer; Let Greensprout Lawn Care help you and your lawn.


Why Choose Greensprout Lawn Car?


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Spring Lawn Care Services for Calgary & Edmonton


In preparation for the spring, lawn care is a necessary thing to do. That simple fact makes it important; so what steps should you take? You need to make sure that the services provided are of quality good enough and at affordable rates too! This may seem like an easy task but all require some work by yourself. Here’s how:

Start Mowing (First Step) – Make Sure The Yard Looks Perfect Another step would be to get rid of the major pests and weeds you might see. If left alone they will quickly become large, out of hand health compromises to your lawn and garden. That is where we can come in. We have a certified yard service crew with plenty of knowledge about how to identify the problems correctly so that it doesn’t turn into anything more aggravating than what needs immediate attention first!




When should I fertilize my lawn in spring Alberta?

If you’re wondering when to fertilize your lawn in spring, the answer is “at least a month before grass starts growing” Whatever kind of turfgrass it might be – species like Kentucky blue grass or tall fescue requires extra attention. Whereas Bermuda Tall fescue will grow almost straight away from seeds without any help whatsoever. But even if these are low-growing varieties that can sprout 3cm/month their nitrogen demand increases significantly.


What should I put on my lawn early spring?


You should put fertilizer on your lawn in spring to encourage grass growth which will provide you with bare soil for the seeds if cold-hardening. There is no special product since most of them are designed to regulate winter weather conditions and not support hot weather like our summer heatwave. There are some products that increase nitrogen demand, but it’s only needed after planting when cool-season turfgrasses start getting leggy (canes).


When should I start spring lawn cleaning?


If you are wondering when to start mowing your lawn in spring, it is best at the end of winter before bugs and disease strike. As soon as soil temperature rises above 20°C provides a safe opportunity for deep-root germination so tillage should be stopped by this time (for seasonal staples). Temperatures that seem marginal can’t really have any negative impacts if maintained beyond their typical limits using annuals – doing regular aeration improves rooting.


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