Snow Removal​

What winter in the Edmonton and surrounding area wouldn’t be complete without needing snow removal?  Although, in the last few years, it seems that dealing with ice after winter rain storms is more of an issue.  Green Sprout can take care of both of these for you. Snow removal adds a year round service to our business. Keeping in touch with our clients throughout the year by providing exceptional service no matter what the season.

Acreage, Commercial and Residential Snow Removal

We keep the same list of clients throughout the year.  We are able to offer this necessary service to all of our customers, no matter the size of their property. Our commercial customers still require parking lots to be maintained in the winter, ice clearing from sidewalks, snow clearing after one of our winter storms and debris removal after the freezing wind has blown Christmas decorations and wrapping paper around.  We know that the demands of your business will likely not change in the winter.  So leave your outside tasks to us.  Green Sprout has invested in the necessary equipment to take care of this for our clients.  We won’t abandon you just because the season changes.


Snow Removal Edmonton
Snow Removal Edmonton

Living on an acreage can be especially challenging when blowing snow piles up on your driveway.  These drifts can be high enough to trap a vehicle and make getting out of your driveway impossible.  We have service guarantees and know that some storms cause more headaches in certain areas than others.  We can respond quickly and make sure your acreage is cleared of snow and ice as soon as possible.

Living within city limits creates certain extra demands on homeowners.  Some bylaws enforce snow and ice removal and how long you have to ensure that your walks are clear.  Let Green Sprout help you with this.  Clearing walks before they turn into ice from people walking on them can be an insurmountable task; especially if doing this all by hand shovel.  We have the equipment to make this job easy.  Leave it to us and enjoy staying inside, warm and cozy while we tackle the sidewalks and driveways around your home.

Vacation Services

Many people take advantage of vacation time during the winter.  We also offer Vacation coverage for those who usually take care of the snow and ice themselves, but will be away.  Enjoy  your vacation completely because you know we are dealing with all that nasty white stuff while you are soaking in the sun and sand. Please see our Vacation Care page for further info.

Emergency Snow Removal

We have branched out into a very neglected area.  Especially designed for those acreage and commercial lot owners; we have made a service for those days when nothing is going your way.  You wake up to a foot of snow and the equipment that will help you get out of your driveway fails you.  Contact us at Green Sprout right away and we will get your snow cleared and buy you some valuable time to get your equipment fixed and up and running again. Please see our Emergency Snow Removal page for more info.

Snow Removal Pricing

Contact us to reserve your spot early or to get a quote on those larger or acreage and commercial properties. Remember that we happily serve Edmonton and Surrounding areas.  Let us take care of your  Snow and Ice!



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