Acreage Emergency Snow Clearing 


Alberta weather can bring a welcome change of seasons.  Most who grow up here would feel out of place in an area where there are only 2 seasons; rainy and dry.  Our fall to winter transition can be an amazing time of beauty but we all know; it requires some preparation and forethought.


Edmonton and Surrounding Area Snow Clearing


Most of the Edmonton area sees a decent amount of snow each year.  For most homeowners, it requires only a shovel or a small snow blower to clear things out.  Green Sprout Lawn Care does have many customers that use us for residential snow clearing.  We get the job done quickly and efficiently and our reputation has spread.

But many Alberta residents have chosen to move to an acreage or have grown up in the country and love the open spaces that Alberta countryside has to offer.  Even in a sub-division; open spaces are there right along side of your own private piece of seclusion.  Tree lined borders and driveways, and strategically placed houses in a forest of trees offer their owners a touch with nature while still maintaining some neighbourly distance; sub-divisions are a great escape from the urban jungle.  

The seasoned acreage owner will know that living out in the country can present some extra demand on your snow clearing budget.  That $30 shovel is not going to quite be enough.  For many acreage owners, even the $1000+ walk behind snow blower might not make it manageable.  

Maybe you can splurge and buy yourself an 4WD lawn tractor with a snow blower attachment.  Or you have set up a truck or quad with a snow blade.  Maybe even a ride-on mower with a snow blower attachment.  These purchases can range between $1000 and $20,000+ depending if you are buying used or new.    Both lawn care and winter snow removal can set you back quite a bit when you are first setting things up but, that is acreage life.  It’s home ownership on overdrive!  Not for the faint of heart!


The Winter Plunge


As the snow starts to fall and your acreage turns white, hopefully you will be feeling assured and confident because you know your equipment is ready to go and you are prepared.  Heading out to the shop and starting things up should be the only thing you need to worry about.  Until it’s not.  All that machinery requires maintenance; oil changes, grease, filters and not to mention gas.  Beyond reaching for that shovel; this snow clearing equipment takes things to a whole new level not only in maintenance but also in potential costs if anything breaks down.

Speaking of… it’s -20 and dropping many inches of snow.  You need to get out of that driveway and get to work and so, you jump on that tractor or quad and head out to clear a path down that ½ mile long driveway.  


There could be so many reasons why your equipment fails to complete the job for you.  It won’t start, the blade won’t go down, hydraulics not working, blower won’t start, auger won’t turn and the list goes on.  Looking down that beautiful tree lined driveway gives you a sense of uneasiness as your cold fingers try to get that machine working once again.  But don’t panic; Greensprout is here to rescue you.  Contact us right away and we will get you lined up in our schedule.


Green Sprout Lawn Care to the Rescue!


Green Sprout recognizes that homeowners can find themselves in a yard work pinch or snow clearing emergency.    


Equipment breaks down and more often than not at the worst time.  Snow clearing equipment needs to be reliable especially when it means getting out of your driveway safely.  But for those times when your equipment is failing you, don’t let your commute from Sherwood Park or Parkland County into Edmonton or Nisku get sidelined.  Call us and we will come rescue you.  No need to sign a contract with us or become an ongoing customer.  We understand these situations crop up and you just need help clearing your snow until you can get that equipment running again.  Green Sprout has created a rescue call just for that.  


Green Sprout will clear your driveway and sidewalks and get things flowing smoothly again for you.  Buying you some valuable time to get your machinery fixed and up and running again.  When your neighbours are unable to bail you out; we will fill in the gap.  Call us to arrange this one time service.  Our staff in the office will be happy to give you a price and get a time set up and arranged in our schedule.


Our specialized services are designed to meet unique customer needs.  This is one of those categories where other lawn care companies can’t compete.  We think outside of the box and can’t wait to surprise you.  You might even decide to hire us full time to take care of your acreage snow clearing.  We get it.  It can be a big job.  


Peace of Mind for Our Valued Customers


Green Sprout is all about giving you peace of mind.  Our goal is to take the “overwhelming” out of owning a home, business or acreage.  We have worked hard to find ways in which homeowners were needing help in unique areas.  Equipment failure can happen at any time and in terms of clearing snow; can cause a logistical nightmare very quickly.  Don’t panic and just call us.  Please see our Areas We Serve page to find out if you are within the range of where we travel.  But even still, give us a call.  We have travelled quite far to help our customers and might be able to fit you into our schedule.


Green Sprout has landscaping and snow removal customers in Edmonton, Devon, Leduc, St. Albert, Acheson, Parkland County and Sturgeon County.  We are expanding to the east and north and serving new customers Sturgeon County,  Strathcona County and Leduc County.  Our Services page will give you some further info on all that we offer.  You can also request a quote on our site or call our office to get more info.





Green Sprout Lawn Care has served Edmonton and surrounding areas for 30 years.

We currently serve customers in Edmonton, Beaumont, Leduc, Nisku, Morinville, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Sturgeon County, Strathcona County and Parkland County and all areas in between.

We specialize in commercial and acreage property care. Our awesome yard care is also available for residential homes in Edmonton and surrounding cities and towns as well. While lawn care services are our main focus, we want you to know that we do much more than that!

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