Acreage Services

Why Choose Our Acreage Services?

At Green Sprout Lawn Care we recognize the investment people have made in their acreages but also the challenges associated with protecting that investment. You may be discouraged with the scope and scale of an acreage yard that has become distressed over time. Does your landscaping leave you feeling overwhelmed with the time investment of weekend and evening maintenance to keep a pristine acreage property?


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Acreage Service

Our Acreage services included are:
Deep Core Aeration and overseeding, deep root tree and shrub watering and liquid fertilization, power raking, spring and fall clean up and removal of debris from beds and gardens, Lawn weed control and fertilization, arborist services including tree health maintenance and pruning.

Fertilizer and weed control

What Makes Us Unique?

Our 3 decades of lawn care know-how has put us above our competition and our customers rely on it. With a deep history of excellent lawn care experience behind us, there are very few lawn, tree, and shrub health concerns we haven’t seen. There are not many landscaping companies willing to work on acreages. Our company owner, Tim, saw this and invested in the necessary equipment to fill this gap. Now, we specialize in this type of work.

Many of our clients have tried numerous solutions on their own and have been frustrated with the results of the unsatisfactory weed-control and other yard care solutions available from their local hardware store. They come to us to help them end this ongoing battle and we succeed every time, guaranteed.

Vacation Care

Vacation Care

If you are going on a vacation and need a trusted company to keep your acreage looking its best, you can rely on Green Sprout to care for your acreage lawn, shrub, and flower beds while you enjoy your time away and rest easy.

Our acreage clients have gladly returned to us season after season knowing they can count on great customer care, fantastic results, expert advice and tips and, trustworthy service whether they are home or away.


Achieve Greeness

We are proud to offer the same quality Edmonton commercial and residential services to our acreage clients. We specialize in weed & lawn care and cutting; however, at Green Sprout, we know valued service goes beyond giving your yard a decent trim. This is why our acreage clients have relied on us for years! It is your turn to come home to:

Beautifully cleared pathways
Edging and trimming service
Commercial-grade weed control & lawn fertilization
Hedge & bed spring and fall debris blow out
Deep core aeration and overseeding service
Power Raking
Arborist Services for pruning & tree removal / stump grinding
Liquid deep root tree fertilization

Services Plans & Pricing

Package starting from $120

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