Vacation Care

During the growing season, grass can become overgrown in a matter of days. Even a short vacation can see you returning to grass that will be overgrown and difficult to mow. Sometimes relying on a neighbour or friend is not available but we can help you out with this.

Plus, a company regularly checking on your property will add to safety and security while you are away. It is also important that your property looks like you are still at home. Built up grass, snow or ice can leave the impression that no one is around. We will make sure your home looks cared for and occupied the whole time you are gone.

Vacations can come with such a long list of “to do’s” not only when you are leaving but also when you are returning home. The grass, yard, snow and ice should not be something on your to do list. That can be a huge added burden to you. Schedule us in before you go so that we can make sure these items are checked off for you.