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Fall Clean Up


Fall Clean Up

It comes every year and can be a lot of work.  Edmonton and area landscaping can be a very uncertain thing, especially during a change in season.  While the fall is a gorgeous time of year, it brings with it a lot of challenging jobs.  It doesn’t matter if you are in Sturgeon, Parkland or Strathcona county; whether you are in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc or Nisku; fall means clean up and landscaping work!


It is not just about leaf cleanup although for some, that seems to be the biggest job to do. Maintaining and preparing your lawn for the coming winter is crucial to how it will perform in the spring and summer. But Edmonton and area weather loves to throw some curve balls at us and you never know when winter will come blasting its way in.  Sometimes fall lasts until late November.  Other years, it comes before our farmers can even get their crops off the fields.  


Leave it to us to take care of things and be done fall clean up in time.  We make it our business to watch the weather as all of our work is weather dependent.  With Green Sprout Lawn Care on your team, you won’t have to wonder if you will get it done in time. 


What does our fall clean up include? fall cleanup


We have a standard set of tasks that need to be done in every yard to prepare them for fall.  Each yard will receive the following services:

Lawn mowing

Edge trimming

Garden bed debris blow out

Leaf and debris clean up

Leaf and debris bagging


These all come with our standard fall clean up price and it will leave your yard looking amazing and be easier to care for in the spring.

The cost for this Standard Package on a residential property 4000 square feet (the standard size of most city lots) and under is $250.  

Acreages start at $450 with final price being provided through a quote.  Please contact us to book a consult for your acreage.


What if I want to add more services or if my yard needs extras?


Many yards require some extra TLC.  Lawns need extra help sometime to stay looking their best.  Trees might benefit from extra Deep Root Fertilizer or Deep Root Watering just before cold temperatures set in.  These types of services can be added to your standard Fall Clean Up package at an extra cost.  Just let us know when you talk to us about your fall clean up and we can come do an assessment on your yard and see where the extras might be needed.  We will make suggestions and discuss them with you.  The following can be added:

Eavestrough Clean Out



Tree Watering and Deep root fertilization

Lawn Weed control

Lawn Fertilization

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Flower and Garden bed clean out

Hauling of Leaf and Debris to collection site



Adding fall weed control and fertilization is $150 for residential properties 4000 sq. ft and under.


Adding aeration is $120 for residential properties 4000 sq. ft and under.  Acreage pricing for Aeration begins at $250 and final price will be provided through a quote.  Please contact us to schedule a consultation for your acreage property.


Your site mentions acreages, commercial and residential.  What will my acreage or commercial yard cost for fall clean up?



Residential yards in the city that are 4000 sq feet and under (which is most standard lots), will cost the same for all of our services and it is not necessary for us to give a quote.  Just simply call us to book us to come look after all your landscaping needs this fall.  Fall Clean up for residential package begins at $250.


Acreages and Commercial lots do require us to come out and have a look at your yard and create a specialized quote just for your property.  Because acreages and commercial yards can be so vastly different, we treat each one as unique.  You will receive the services in the standard package as listed above and pricing will be as per quote.

Pricing for the standard Fall Cleanup Package on Acreages and Commercial lots in the Edmonton and surrounding area begin at $450.


Contact us for a Quote.

Adding weed control and fertilizing to acreages and commercial properties starts at $250.  Price will be adjusted as per site visit and quote. 

Fall aeration for acreages and commercial properties starts at $250. Price will be adjusted as per site visit and quote. 


Contact us Early to reserve your spot!





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