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Spring Cleanup Services in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

Spring is finally here and with it comes the perfect opportunity to tidy up your residential areas or business. Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but it is essential for maintaining a healthy and hygienic space. At Greensprout Lawn Care, we understand that this can be an overwhelming chore, which is why we offer spring cleanup services to make it easier for you. Our services include everything from cleaning gutters to removing trash, litter, debris and yard waste. We also accept various materials for recycling and proper disposal. In this blog, we will cover the importance of spring cleanup, the services we offer at Greensprout Lawn care, materials accepted for recycling and disposal, items NOT picked up or requiring special handling, and how you can contact us in case of any problem. Let us help you make your space clean and beautiful this spring!

Why use Greensprout Lawn Care for your Spring Cleanup Services in April?

Spring cleaning for your lawn can be a tedious and overwhelming task. But, with Greensprout Lawn Care, you can sit back and relax while their team does the job for you. They can help with spring cleanup by removing damaged turf, adding compost for new seed growth, and assisting with disposing of acceptable materials such as leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and bundled tree branches. With their expertise in lawn care services in Edmonton, you are guaranteed to have a hassle-free spring cleaning experience. So why stress about it when you can hire Greensprout Lawn Care to handle it all?

What is the Importance to keep your commercial or residential property clean?

Maintaining a clean commercial or residential property is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health and safety. A clean property reduces the risk of accidents or injuries, such as slips and falls, and prevents the spread of germs and illnesses.

Lawn mowing and edging

Greensprout Lawn Care offers a range of spring cleanup services to help prepare your lawn for the upcoming season. This includes preparing damaged lawn areas by removing salt, plow or disease damaged turf and adding a ½-inch layer of compost. In addition, they offer lawn mowing and edging services to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.

Pruning, trimming, and hedging

Greensprout Lawn Care offers a range of spring cleanup services to ensure your lawn is looking its best. One of these services is pruning, which involves removing dead or damaged branches from trees and shrubs. This not only improves the appearance of your lawn, but also promotes healthy growth.

In addition to pruning, Greensprout Lawn Care also offers trimming and hedging services. Trimming involves shaping hedges and bushes to maintain their desired size and shape, while hedging creates a more defined border around specific areas of your lawn. These services help to keep your lawn looking neat and well-maintained throughout the spring season.

Power raking and aeration

As part of their Spring Cleanup services, Greensprout Lawn Care offers power raking and aeration. These services help residents in Edmonton dispose of branches and bulky items that may have accumulated during the winter months. Power raking removes dead grass and debris from the lawn, allowing new growth to flourish. Aeration helps to improve soil structure, allowing for better nutrient absorption and water retention. With these services, Greensprout Lawn Care can help homeowners prepare their lawns for the upcoming spring season.

Fertilizing and weed control

As part of our spring cleanup services, Greensprout Lawn Care offers fertilizer application to promote healthy grass growth. This service helps to ensure that your lawn has the nutrients it needs to thrive throughout the growing season. Additionally, they provide weed control services to help reduce the presence of unwanted weeds in your yard. By incorporating these services into your spring cleanup routine, you can help ensure that your lawn is healthy and beautiful all season long.

Leaf removal, debris cleanup and litter

Spring in April is a time for renewal, and Greensprout Lawn Care can help you achieve a clean and tidy outdoor space with their Spring Cleanup services. This includes leaf removal and debris cleanup to ensure that your lawn is free from any clutter. Acceptable materials for Spring Cleanup include leaves, grass clippings, flowers, and bundled tree branches, but not stumps or compostable bags.

Spring Clean-up Lawn care by Greensprout Lawn Care in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

If you are interested in availing of spring cleanup services in Edmonton, look no further than Greensprout Lawn Care. They offer an extensive range of services to suit your needs, including raking, mowing, and garden bed maintenance.

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