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Sherwood Park Lawn Care

Are you looking for Sherwood Park lawn care services? For over 27 years, Greensprout Lawn Care has been serving Sherwood Park and the surrounding areas. We’ve been assisting clients in maintaining and creating well-kept lawns that catch your eye. Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to ensuring that your lawn demands are met. We’ve had a lot of happy customers in Sherwood Park and the surrounding areas. Green sprout Lawn Care will assist you with everything from designing a beautiful outside landscape to making your fantasy a reality. Commercial and residential lawn upkeep are among our offerings.


Sherwood Park Lawn Care


Why Should You Hire Greensprout Lawn Care in Sherwood Park?

  • Reputable, well-trained professionals
  • Cost-Effective
  • Sherwood Parks Best Lawn Maintenance Service


The following are some of the lawn care services we provide:

  •  Weed Control and Lawn Fertilization
  • Residential and Commercial cutting in Sherwood Park
  • Deep Core Aerating 
  • Sherwood Park & Area Acreage Lawn Care


Cutting Green Grass in Sherwood Park

In Sherwood Park, we cut for both residential and commercial lawn care clients. Green Sprout Lawn Care offers trimming services for both residential and commercial properties. We ensure that the grass is trimmed and that grass clipping left behind from cutting your lawn is removed off walkways and driveways. When you hire Green Sprout Lawn Care, you can rest confident that our staff will be on time, well-trained, and complete the job correctly. We also provide lawn cutting services while you are away, as well as bi-weekly grass mowing.


 We provide fertilizer treatments to keep your grass looking lush and healthy all season long. Our fertilizer is evenly distributed across your lawn, resulting in lush, green grass. Our weed control services will keep your grass weed-free, as well as any walks, patios, or driveways that may have weeds growing through cracks in the concrete. We can easily clear any unattractive weeds from your property using our weed control products. We can eliminate broadleaf weeds as well as nuisance grasses like crabgrass and quack grass, depending on the type of weed.


Sherwood Park Deep Core Aeration

Aeration of the core of your grass is one of the most beneficial things you can do for it, and it should be done at least once a year. During deep core aeration, “plugs” are removed from the lawn. Nutrients, water, and oxygen enter the roots of your grass in this manner, allowing them to properly develop. Green Sprout Lawn Care recommends grass aeration in addition to over-seeding to inhibit weeds and promote a thick, green lawn.


At Greensprout, you can rest confident that your lawn and lawn maintenance needs will be met with the highest level of excellence. We guarantee that you will be delighted with our services. Give us a call right now!