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Arborist Services

We have a Certified Arborist

Green Sprout does not only focus on lawns.  We offer a list of fully comprehensive landscaping services; including an Arborist that can assist you in Leduc County, Nisku, Acheson, Winterburn, St. Albert and, all areas in-between.  Our customers expect the highest level of care from us and we want to meet those expectations.  We have tried our best to research and determine where there are gaps in services that people struggle to find trusted and reliable sources of professionals.  At Green Sprout we aim to take all of the worries of yard care and landscaping off your hands so that you can simply enjoy time outdoors.  This includes all of the maintenance, issues, difficulties and concerns that trees, shrubs, and hedges can bring.  From the early stages of planting them to the end stages of their lives when they need to be removed. 


Specializing in:


Pruning Trees

Deep Root Tree Watering

Deep Root Fertilizing

Pruning Shrubs

Trimming hedges

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding


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Tree/Shrub Fertilization Information


  • Deep root fertilization can help younger trees establish their root systems and reinvigorate mature, struggling trees and shrubs.
  • Spring and fall are both beneficial seasons to fertilize to enhance growth and prepare trees and shrubs to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • For optimal health and life expectancy, plant trees native to the region and favourable for the Edmonton and Area climate zone including Parkland County, Strathcona County and Sturgeon County.
  • Ornamental trees and shrubs also benefit greatly from seasonal deep root fertilization treatment.
  • Allow leaf and branch debris to decompose around the surface of the tree which will aid in adding nutrients back into the surrounding area naturally.
  • Regularly check your trees and shrubs to ensure they are healthy. Deep root fertilization can help tree resiliency against disease and pests.


Deep Root Fertilizing for your Trees and Shrubs


Trees up to 24′ are $20.00 per litre of fertilizer.

Trees over 24′ high are $30.00 per litre of fertilizer.
(minimum $70.00 charge)


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Benefits of Deep Root Tree and Shrub Fertilization


Targeted deep root fertilization uses liquid fertilizer injections to penetrate better than surface applications. This precise, targeted approach means that the surrounding lawn is also protected from burn spots. Grass root systems can also be a little greedy when it comes to nutrients like nitrogen, soaking them up in surface fertilizer applications. Applying nutrients 6-8” below the surface solves this problem and gets nutrients directly to where the most fibrous, absorbent root systems of your trees and shrubs exist. If you are noticing leaves yellowing prematurely, stunted growth of new shoots or signs of disease and pest infestation, your trees and shrubs would likely benefit from routine deep root tree fertilization.


Deep Root Tree Watering

We offer a specialized and unique service to Edmonton and area; Deep Root Tree Watering.  If you have just planted new trees or have trees that need some extra care, Green Sprout can offer you tree watering.  Priced according to size and how much water the tree will require, we can keep your trees in good health regardless of how much rain the area has seen.  


Trees can be such an expensive investment but yet such a crucial part of not only your landscaping decor, but our overall environment too.  We have recognized that there is a huge need for this service and so wanted to add it to the list of our top of the line services that clients can request.  


Because of the prices of water, hauling water and tree requirements, this service has to be done by estimate.  We will be happy to come out and create a quote that will meet your needs and keep those trees alive and in good condition so that they can fully establish themselves.  

Arborist Care of Trees and Shrubs

It is also important for tree and shrub health to ensure they are trimmed and maintained by an expert.  These woody perennial plants benefit greatly from proper and knowledgeable trimming as this rids them of pests and disease before they are overcome.  It also strengthens branches and limbs causing growth to be focused at the healthy branches that are there. 


Tree and Shrub trimming can be done at specific times of the year for most species.  There are some that can be lightly trimmed throughout the summer season however, most trimming needs to be carefully timed in order to cause the least amount of stress to the tree/shrub.  In addition, our experts can spot illness, disease, pests and fungus early and remove affected limbs and branches.  You will be amazed at the difference in the health of your trees and shrubs the following season after trimming.  They will explode with growth.  


We will have our experts Contact you to create a specific quote according to your needs.  


Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Sadly, many of our trees in Alberta fall prey to the numerous pests, diseases and fungus that are spread around from yard to yard.  Not to mention tough weather conditions in both Winter and Summer that can take our trees from healthy to dead in no time.  Sometimes trees get so large, overcrowded or threaten our houses and foundations and need to be removed.  Insurance companies can also demand that trees be removed before insuring your property and house.  If you have trees that need to be removed, let us know.  We can assess how they need to be removed, the equipment required, disease control if needed and removal of the debris.  


Last but not least, we cannot forget removing the stump left behind.  This takes special equipment and we are happy to provide this service for you.  All debris and sawdust will be removed and taken care of.  We will leave the area clean, level and ready for the landscaping crew to come in next.  Overseeding of grass seed will fill in the gap in your lawn in no time.  Then on next to figuring out what to put in it’s place or to leave it just grass.  The possibilities are endless.


Let us know and we will arrange to Contact you and get a detailed quote made for you so that you can take care of this without worry.  Most trees need professionals to take them down safely and Green Sprout has added these services to make sure our customers have one place they know they can call for everything their yard might need.  We don’t want you to wonder who will help you with this potentially dangerous and overwhelming task.


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